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Public sex happens to be sexual activity, taking place in public. The given term actually suggests one or several individuals, performing a sex act in public. You can conveniently watch porn video public sex on our website.
Those, who are fond of such sexual activity, often find convenient private places for this, including a bedroom with the open curtains, a back yard or literary anywhere, where other folks can watch their intercourse. Public sex also suggests sexual acts in semi-public places. In this case, the general public is welcome to enter. For instance, this might be shopping malls. Additionally, public sex acts can be carried out in cars, in forests, on beaches, not to mention, streets, busses, theatres, cemeteries, toilets, etc.
In September 2003, the BBC informed about a "dogging" craze, driven by Internet publicity. In simple words, dogging is a British slang term, standing for engaging in public sex, normally in a country park or car park, while other folks have an opportunity to watch. Very often dogging involves some elements of voyeurism and exhibitionism.
There’s some evidence on the web that dogging has started spreading to other countries, including Brazil, Canada, America, Ireland, Barbados, Poland, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. Watch examples of porn video public sex in different countries on our website.
By the way, outdoor public sex often occurs in parks as well as on beaches in San Francisco and Vancouver. Public sex is a common thing in New York City.