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Many folks are used to watching porn. However, the problem is that they’re often assured that there’s no difference between porn and real life sex. If you also think so, we’re here to tell you the opposite. Sure, there’s a huge difference! Sorry, that we have to brutally ruin your delicate expectations on this matter, but you should know the truth. Here below, you’ll see how real life sex greatly differs from porn. However, you don’t want to hear any long explanation just shift to our porn video real.
The first myth generated by porn videos is that a female always reaches an orgasm with penetrative sex. That’s so sad, but a lot of women around the globe have never faced it. In reality, women rarely get the highest pleasure from penetrative sex. It’s because precisely a woman’s clitoris appears to be the one, which helps them to have orgasms, apart from their G-spot, of course. The clitoris simply gets stimulated during sex. So, there’s no wonder that up to 71% of females never reach an orgasm. In porn videos, females’ highest pleasure isn’t true, that’s just a well-built fake. Nevertheless, in our porn video real category you can finally observe lots of real orgasms!
The second common prejudice is a penis size. Having watched tons of porn stuff, many guys doubt that their cock is big enough to satisfy females. Porn directors specially pick up male actors with big dicks, but in reality an average cock is approximately 5.54 inches. You’d better focus how to use your penis and it will make a pleasant difference.