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Sexual fetishism happens to be a sexual fixation on a non-genital body part or nonliving object. The object of interest is dubbed the fetish. Respectively, the individual who has a fetish for that object is known as a fetishist. 
In some cases a sexual fetish might even provoke a sort of mental disorder if it generates considerable psychosocial distress for the individual or has detrimental effects on crucial areas of his or her life. 
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This broader usage of fetish deals with parts or features of the human body, such as body modifications or obesity. We should also mention various activities, situation, objects and so on. By the way, some experts associate coprophilia with urophilia with fetishism too.
Evidently, the vast majority of medical sources define fetishism exactly as a sexual interest in non-living objects, secretions and body parts. In 1980, the publication of the DSM-III changed it by simply excluding arousal from body parts in the diagnostic criteria for fetishism.
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