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Early years of German pornography started with the softcore movie “Count Porno and his girls”, 1968. The film’s success with more than 3 million admissions gave birth to a bunch of movies. In German media those movies were referred as the Sax Wave. When talking about the most well-known movie of this period, we should mention “The School-Girl Report, what the parents don`t believe possible”, 1970, directed by Ernst Hofbauer. The sex scenes had turned to be bolder over time and by 1975, when the legal ban of pornography was officially canceled, the era of German hardcore pornography burst out. If you’re a true fan of old-school porn video german, you’re welcome on our website.
Director Hans Billian turned to be the protagonist of the period and the movies were generally in line with the so-called "Bavarian porn sex comedies", often illustrating male performers as comic personages. The given era was also characterized by several Josephine Mutzenbacher movies.
In general, today`s German pornography is mostly similar to the American "glamour" porn stuff, although often tailored for the German market. In contrast, some German labels focus on a more "home-made" amateur stuff, often depicting intense hardcore themes, including gang bangs, bukkake as well as urine fetishism.
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